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Antispam Policy

At Golden Lady Casino we have a zero tolerance approach to spam and are fully aware that nobody likes to receive it. For this reason, we will refrain from flooding your inbox with emails and keep you updated about any changes to our policies by posting about them on our homepage or in our newsletter.

Our Definition of Spam
Spam is any unsolicited bulk email or commercial email and is, more often than not, junk mail. Any email you receive that you did not request is considered spam and the best thing to do is delete it without reading it as it is irrelevant, intrusive and a waste of time. While legitimate emails are useful and desirable, spam is the complete opposite.

No Spam
We will only ever use our marketing tools to email our Golden Lady Casino customers if they have already agreed to it and we will not send any such material to anyone without consent. Our anti-spam policies are as follows:

Notifications and Agreement:
On becoming a Golden Lady Casino member, you will receive notifications and promotional emails on a regular basis as stated in our Terms and Conditions. However it is not compulsory for you to receive these mails if you do not want to. You can still read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, use our services and be a valued customer without notifications and the option to opt in or out will always be available to you.

Every email sent by Golden Lady Casino contains a link that allows customers to unsubscribe. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, a simple click on the unsubscribe link will remove you from our mailing lists, while the option to subscribe again will always be available. We aim to keep all our customers satisfied at all times and comply with anti-spam policies in order to make this possible.

Laws Regarding Spam:
Spam laws differ across the world and, since we have many international Golden Lady Casino members, we make sure that we understand and comply with the anti-spam policies from all regions to the highest global standards.

Our Promise:
Golden Lady Casino will never use a third party domain name without your permission or make it appear as if the third party sent the email. We will not disguise the transmission path of the email or its point of origin with a false header, nor will we disguise the identity of the original sender. We will never supply our customers with any false or misleading information. Our priority is to provide our customers with the best service possible and supply any additional help or advice they may require.